This website is based on a Community Access TV program on Newark,CA Channel 6 and Fremont, CA Channel 3 since 1991.

Wwe've spent 14 years of reporting on Conventions, Movies, TV, Collectibles, Memorabilia, Models and Interviews and segments featuring actors like Bob May from "Lost In Space, or writers such as L.E. Modesett Jr. and Tad Williams and record producer Neil Norman.
Admiral Joe, Producer and Host of SciFi Visions
Captain, Chaplin, David, Executive Director
Comodore Duffy, occasional Co-Host and camera operator
Commander Rodney, Assistant Director
Chief Warrant Officer George, Camera, Tapes Ops, Audio technician, Associate Director (Just couldn't bring himself to join the Navy)
Lt. Sean, Camera, Audio, Tape, My Son

Watch here for more pictures of crewmembers.